breaking radio silence for a brief status update

me: *sees a post about vaginal health*

me: Okay.  Nasty, but good for people to know about.  Glad that’s being spread around.

comment below the main post: Please don’t be an immature 12 year old and be like “ew that’s about a vagina I’m not reblogging that that’s gross!” It is literally a body part. It needs to be kept healthy. People with vaginas need to understand how to keep them healthy. Just reblog.

me: hahaha I hope a swarm of mosquitoes finds you


3 responses to “breaking radio silence for a brief status update

  • Klaaraa

    So, you are NOT going to share with us that post about vaginal health? That you generally approve of? Because you don’t approve of someone else’s disrespectful comment expressing their disapproval of a *potential* still-other-someone’s *potential* diapproval of the original post?
    That’s complex. I like it.

  • Klaaraa

    Never mind.

    It’s just “glad that’s being spread around” does not sound that much different from “I’m’a participate in spreading this around” to a Person who spent way too much of her last Weekend passively reading Blogs in That Place where everyone reblogs everything as long as they even slightly agree with it (aka tumblr). Which I have been doing.
    As you don’t like genitals, and don’t have a history of reblogging a lot of things on this blog, I was probably wrong to ever assume you were even considering to reblog that and were only kept from doing so by that comment. I apologize.

    I was just amused by how there were at least three Levels of “I don’t like how that other Person feels about…” in a really not very Long post…

    If I really want to read something about vaginal health (which I don’t right now, but might in the future), I know Google is my friend, and if find something that has a comment about immature 12-year olds below it, I will know you came across it before me…

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