I wonder

I wonder if the people who deny gray-asexuality also view sex-repulsion as a trait that only asexual people can have.  Because if so, being sex-repulsed would disqualify someone from being allo (since, again, we’re dealing with the identity police here).  And that would mean a sex-repulsed person who identifies as gray-asexual must “actually” be asexual.

On the other hand, if sex-repulsion is not classed as an asexual-exclusive experience, and if even allosexuals can be strongly sex-repulsed, then… gee, it’s almost as if experiencing sexual attraction doesn’t bar you from finding some aspects of asexual discourse useful.

Huh.  How about that.

One response to “I wonder

  • Klaaraa

    I have heard/read of at least two sex-averse allosexual people, who have never (to my knowledge) published anything about being told they were really asexual, so maybe this actually doesn’t go both ways and is just general ace erasure.

    That said, “You can’t be asexual because you don’t have aversion to sex”, is something that People definitely do say, and that is also unpleasant to hear but probably the less toxic of the two.

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