why why why why why why why why

why can’t the heteros just

take a day off

stop doing the romo/sex for once during every zombie apocalypse

and it would have been fine except I loved everything else about this book and then the one Good-Hearted character of adult age went and mouthkissed the Absolute Terrible Misanthrope With No Morals whom she hates?  Because?  Straighters gotta straight?  Even when there’s literally every reason for them not to.  Every single reason you can fathom.  The Show Must Go On.

If romo/sex is some sandpit that every character must fall into then no wonder I’m unfathomable.  No wonder.  No wonder I’m shaking again.

4 responses to “why why why why why why why why

  • Kimberly Horton

    I hate how movies /have/ to have romance or sex in order to be deemed “good.”
    Don’t let it upset you–we aces still make up 1% of the population, and there’s others out there who feel the same way (even our fellow allosexual brethren.) It’s annoying at best, degrading at worst. Silly writers, always botching up character development…

  • abonnace

    yes yes so much yes! Even in action movies where OMG GOT TO SAVE THE WORLD, but we still have time for a romantic/sexual sub-plot BECAUSE

  • TheUnmarkedPage

    Totally agree, but also “straighers gotta straight” made me laugh. It’s so true.

  • Carmilla DeWinter

    *makes mental note for future works*
    While I’m not at all opposed to romance (see: my writing), I’ve recently ran into something similar, where it just didn’t make any sense. Also, it was a “one girl and seven guys save the world” kinda story, so of course one the lady with a speaking role HAS to choose the main character, even though there’s no chemistry. Grrah.

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