oh, bioware

One of my friends suggested playing video games as a distraction technique to help relax after a panic attack, so I decided to replay Dragon Age II, and now I’m contemplating whether or not to romance Merrill again… which is reminding me how in these games, it’s like…

me: *provides reassurance at emotional low points and repeatedly compliments a nice character because I value their company and like their dialogue*

game: *gives me a cutscene of my character and that character making out*



2 responses to “oh, bioware

  • epochryphal

    hahaha haaaa. I’ve only played through Inquisition once and romanced Sera, but I was able to be like “uhhhh not sex right now” multiple times, and had to confirm “relationship please” before kissing happened, and the only sex scene was triggered by choosing a semi-obvious nsfw dialogue option (I say semi because it wasn’t in-scene, it was in-quest, and wasn’t blaringly obvious).

    Also I loved flirting with Dorian as a non-dude and how he flirts back So hard, and when his quest is like “oh yeah I’m gay” you can both be like “but flirting is so fun let’s never stop” and. Aaaahh non-sexual flirting, my heart.

    • Coyote

      ;-; if only

      Anyway, I had heard that Dorian’s romance allows sex to be optional, but I hadn’t heard that about Sera’s, so that’s cool. But in general I wish you could accord Best Friend status and act v. friendly without the game making it a romance at all. I want my Best Friends Trio with Merrill and Aveline accorded equal value.

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