about a year or two too late

a transmedicalist has found my post saying that I’m not straight

and referred to it as “a straight person who believes they’re not straight because they’re greysexual”

I don’t even ID as “greysexual” but thanks for playing I guess


7 responses to “about a year or two too late

      • luvtheheaven

        I know, me too. I mean it’s both so… rude, and yet also it doesn’t make any sense and it makes you wonder where in the world a person like this got all of their ideas and could read your post and still conclude “haha straight person only THINKS they’re not straight”. I mean what??

  • Calum P Cameron

    I… genuinely don’t see how that makes sense even from the point of view of whatever logic leads people to transmedicalism in the first place. I mean, if one is already onboard with the notion that labels are to be dished out not on the basis of self-identification but rather on the basis of whether the individual fits a specific series of requirements in the eyes of the beholder, then at least it’s logically consistent to take that as far as slapping ‘straight’ labels on anyone who fulfills the minimum criteria for one’s definition of straightness – but what ARE the arbitrary criteria in this individual’s definition of straightness, exactly, if it’s so vague that “what we’ll call a loosely-cisgender kinda-heteroromantic gray-a” fits?

    I have the feeling I probably don’t want to know.

    Sorry, bud. Wish I had more to offer than shared confusion.

  • queenieofaces

    Welcome to the club! I, too, am a straight person in denial, according to The Internet. Basically, it’s not just the loosely heteroromantics being called straight–if you’re ace (or bi or pan or or or or), you’re probably secretly straight.

  • Sciatrix

    I got called basically straight last week, even! :D :D There’s basically no winning there, so I just flip people off and move on with my day.

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