hey this looks neat

Y’all are into sexuality and religion stuff, right?  Somebody should read this book for me.

Lift High the Cross: Where White Supremacy and the Christian Right Converge


6 responses to “hey this looks neat

  • queenieofaces

    Hmm, I wonder if I can sneak this onto my qualifying examination reading list…

    • Coyote

      I do not know what that means actually, but I was hoping you would see this post.

      • queenieofaces

        Next year I have to take qualifying exams for my PhD (they’re the big exam you take before you start writing your dissertation), which are basically exams on three fields related to my field of study. As part of those exams, you have to read a bazillion books (actually about 100 per field) related to those fields. Students, for the most part, get to build those lists themselves, so you can put things on that you want to read even if they’re not usually part of the exam.

        • Coyote

          Whoa. Suddenly going to grad school doesn’t sound like such a good idea for me. That’s inhuman.

          • queenieofaces

            Oh, it’s not that bad for us! Our exam is only a two hour oral exam (so 40 minutes per field). Plus you’re pretty much not allowed to take exams unless they’re confident you’ll pass. My senpai is in Religious Xtudies (rather than East Asian studies), and his exams were 6-hour written exams for each field. So he spent 18 hours in exams one week…

          • Sciatrix

            That’s different from field to field, mind you. My prelims were entirely composed of an oral exam with people from four specialties: ecology, evolution, behavior, and “outside the department” (in my case, neuroscience). Profs are supposed to start with a base of our two-semester core course and past that tailor their questions to my research and interests, which my boss refreshed them on before I started. The oral exam goes for three hours (not two), and we don’t have a written component. On the other hand I know people in other programs who have entirely written prelims and people who have a mix of both and people who don’t take a preliminary exam at all but do prelims in the style of a mock grant application and project review. It’s all very idiosyncratic.

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