you’ve got to be kidding me

#then she was like, # ‘It is Islam’s celebration of sex (within marriage) that happily separates us from other religions.’

*looks at camera like I’m on the Office*

5 responses to “you’ve got to be kidding me

  • queenieofaces

    and then judged her really hard :’D
    We’re talking about that in class today and hopefully I won’t flip any tables.

  • Laura (ace-muslim)

    Most likely, by “other religions” she means Christianity and she just sort of stuck all other religions in that box while she was at it. In my opinion, Christianity is more sex-negative than Islam is, or Islam is more sex-positive than Christianity is, at least historically.

    Not defending the author or her statement, just noting that this sentiment is not uncommon among Muslims who are familiar with both religions, and it does have some basis in reality. The problem is turning a relative difference into an absolute statement.

    • Coyote

      Oh if she’d said “what separates Islam from other religions is its attitude toward sex” (in general), that’d be one thing. But… there are lot of things that make Islam unique, and celebrating sex within marriage (specifically) is not one of them.

    • queenieofaces

      Given how the rest of her piece went, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was only thinking of Christianity (and maybe Judaism in a vague and fuzzy way). On the upside, it means that when I get around to publishing my research findings, no one will see me coming. (On the downside, probably no one will want to read what I have to say either since, as everyone keeps insisting on reminding me, I don’t study “real religion”…)

      • Sara K.

        I’m pretty sure she was not thinking of Judaism when she made that comment, or if she was she doesn’t know much about Judaism’s attitudes towards sex. Generally, Judaism considers consensual sex within a harmonious marriage to be awesome.

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