AU where people use the word “orgasmic” to mean “boring”

3 responses to “imagine

  • Klaaraa

    really, though? Is “orgasmic” the most synonymous to “boring” you can think of? Because I have heard orgasms referred to as many things, including those incredibly enthusiastic positive descriptions, as well as “kind of nice”, “scary”, “painful”, “traumatic”, “sensory overload”, but never “boring”, specifically.

    (Personally I strongly feel like “what the HELL was that”, about that thing that may or may not have been a real orgasm.)

    I get how someone who was strongly expecting either something great or something horrible may be disappointed and underwhelmed by the whole experience of sex and how orgasm sometimes actually isn’t much. But doesn’t boring mean to specifically invoke boredom, like repetitive tasks do, and how can an orgasm, by itself, always, do that, when it is just a thing that happens, that doesn’t happen ALL the time…

    I can think of several words that might be kind of funny if they, in an alternate universe, were specifically used to mean boring, like “coital”, or “sexy”, or “flirtatious”, or “shopping for clothes” … and actually, doesn’t “that’s hot”, said with just the right enunciation and bored facial expression, already, in our universe, mean “That’s boring”?

  • GreenHat

    AU where “scenery porn” = “That is one unsightly landscape painting.”

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