# and dont listen to Sorting Hat advice blogs that act like every word is a rigid definition they can sort people into

# the words exist for you not the other way around

Sorting Hat advice blogs.

Sorting Hat advice blogs.

Thank you, beranyth.  I want to start using that.

6 responses to “hehehe

  • Mxtrmeike13

    I can totally see “Sorting Hat” becoming some lingo that relates to gender policing or identity patrolling — like if someone’s trying to police someone’s identity, gender, sexuality, etc., they’d be using a “Sorting Hat mentality” or something. Teeheehee.

  • luvtheheaven

    The great thing about the sorting hat analogy is that characters (like Harry) literally have the choice to decide they don’t want a label (like Slytherin), despite how much anyone else might think it fits them. :P

      • luvtheheaven

        I took one of those sorting hat tests, and this one told me I was a Hufflepuff, second-closest to Ravenclaw, but I think I would want to be a Ravenclaw if I had to choose between the two. Lol. I like having the freedom, even for such a silly fan thing, to reject a label that’s been placed upon me and adopt a different one instead. I have my reasons, you know?

  • Calum P Cameron

    See, now I’m wondering whether Hogwarts actually has a protocol for what to do in the event that a student refuses to be defined by which of four simplistic cliques they think most like. Like, they presumably aren’t allowed to just force you into the hat anyway.

    I mean, it’s far from the biggest unanswered question in that series, but in hindsight it seems a little odd that it never comes up.

    • luvtheheaven

      Also, I think I might want to switch back to Hufflepuff, where the Sorting Hat was right, I belonged all along. I was wrong to reject it and choose Ravenclaw. Now what? Lol. :P I’m stuck for all 7 years of my life in Ravenclaw anyway?

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