“what with their straw-men, patronising, condescending tones and general arrogance”

Today I received a slew of comments from an atheist who appears to be very displeased with me.

The comment threads splintered into two different tracks of thought, though, so for my own reference I’m going to link to the start of them both here.

Objection to my post on a line of dialogue in Dragon Age

Criticism of intentional conversion

The second one is my favorite because both Siggy and I were in agreement here, yet only I am the sick degenerate.  Siggy, apparently, is above reproach.

They also chose to criticize other people unfortunate enough to enter the comment section, such as Milo, Kappamaki, and Carmilla DeWinter, guilty by association.

The ensuing conversations are still in progress.

5 responses to ““what with their straw-men, patronising, condescending tones and general arrogance”

  • Siggy

    Man, some atheists are super awkward. It’s sort of like how newbie aces can be awkward, only atheists are more aggressive and dysfunctional. I’m used to shrugging it off. Take solace in the fact that everything they say refutes itself. It’s only the powerful jerks who are worth worrying about.

  • Silvermoon

    Why are they so intense in their attacking? =.= Don’t they get bored? Do they not have a life to get back to?

    • Coyote

      No more so than I do, I suppose.

      My favorite aspect is that they claim to be uninterested in actually changing my mind on anything, despite all the adamant pontificating.

      • Carmilla DeWinter

        I’ve decided to get sarcastic and then ignore them for being a troll, being how they have had a blog for weeks and haven’t managed to even post one post.

  • Reinventing Lucky

    I find the other person a bit amusing. My hubby is a full blown hardcore atheist, I am a deist/buddhist (with some weird other leanings) however neither of us felt atheists were portrayed poorly for being atheists.

    Fantasy games/novels/movies all base heavily around clerics/gods/etc. I just had assumed Bioware was following the standard like narrative for religions in a fantasy game.

    He might be able to call them “religionists” if it was a sci-fi game where normally gods aren’t referred to.

    The atheist’s attitude is why the husband and I stopped attending atheist meetups. It isn’t that all atheists are like that, but there is always a loud portion like that, they give me too many headaches to be worth hanging with, even if I agree overall with what they say.

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