Okay but hear me out: Gray-Aromantic Katara

Spoilers, obviously.

Katara not being romantically attracted to Aang.

No, hear me out.

Imagine a gray-aromantic Katara.  Imagine.

Katara feeling hurt and ignored the first time the gang visits Kyoshi Island because she’s jealous, yes, but jealous because Aang is the first person other than her annoying brother who she’s ever gotten to talk to who is even close to her in age.  Katara being jealous because she’s just made a new friend and is used to monopolizing his time during the flights on Appa and then feels like she’s been dropped like a hot potato after leaving her village to travel the world with this boy.

Then Katara getting a crush on Jet and being so overwhelmed by the new feelings that she puts more trust in him than she should have, because oh, this is what romantic attraction is like.  In her village with a bunch of grandmothers and small children and her brother, there had never been an opportunity for her to experience it before, and she had never been taught not to trust glib, charming boys (because there weren’t any back home), and now she’s having to learn the hard way.

Katara believing it was Normal to fall in love and get married one day, and counting “love” among the things she’s excited to discover now that she gets to travel the world and have adventures and meet more people.  Katara asking Aunt Wu about her love line because she has ideas about how it’s all supposed to play out and wants to believe, wants to confirm she’ll feel what she felt for Jet again, toward someone else, someone better.

Katara not realizing that the “powerful bender” prediction could apply to Aang, and being confused when Sokka inadvertently points it out, because sure, it would make sense, but she just doesn’t feel attracted to Aang that way, and she wonders if the feeling will come to her with time.

Katara still waiting to see if those feelings will appear and being confused if and how this supposed to work, because it was instantaneous with Jet, but maybe the second time around you have to make a move first before you can feel attracted to someone.  Katara being trapped in the Cave of Two Lovers with Aang and thinking here, here is the time and the place where you should be feeling romantic feelings for him if it’s ever going to happen, and it’s now or never.  Katara struggling over whether she should kiss him as a test, and then finally working up the courage to suggest it as an idea, and then immediately backing off from the thought just as soon as Aang hesitates.  “What was I thinking?

Then Aang kissing her before the invasion, and Katara not having any words, but also not having time to process because they’re going into battle and her brother’s telling her it’s time to submerge.

Katara struggling with the realization that the feelings still haven’t come, and telling Aang during the intermission of the play that “this isn’t the right time,” not wanting to admit that the romantic pull she thought might manifest toward him still hasn’t appeared, and not knowing whether that means Aunt Wu’s prediction was never about him to begin with.  Katara not being able to answer his questions because she doesn’t know the answers.  Katara being “a little confused”.

Katara beginning to think that assuming Aang might her destined lover was probably just a silly idea anyway, just at the same moment that he kisses her.  Katara asserting her boundaries and telling him off.

Katara taking time to think about it, and realizing that she doesn’t and might never feel toward Aang what she felt just that once toward Jet.

Katara deciding that even if she ever did experience romantic attraction to someone else again, those feelings would never rival her bond with Aang, after all they’ve been through.  That he grew up to be hot is just a bonus.

Give me a Katara who was never romantically attracted to Aang and who slowly came to realize that her love wasn’t anything less for it.


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