AA: Marriage and Sex

My wife and I always had sex and we both loved it we had sex all the time and now we have a 1 year old and ever since she’s been born my wife doesn’t find me sexually atractive any more or anyone for the matter I don’t know what to do we both still love each other very much I just don’t know what I should do I don’t want anyone but her sexually and any other way she is my best friend and I don’t want us to end what can we do please help it’s ok if you can’t thank you

Hey, ZMT.  I hope you’re doing okay.

While I can understand your confusion, I don’t think you need to worry.  You both still love each other, and that’s all you need, really.  It sounds like you don’t need to do anything except continue as you are.  Despite what you may have heard, sex isn’t necessary for a marriage to stay intact, and your relationship is valid with or without it.  The way you talk about your wife is very sweet, and if you accept her as she is, then it doesn’t sound like there’s any issue to be resolved.

The only advice I have for you, then, is to keep letting your wife and your child know that you love them.


4 responses to “AA: Marriage and Sex

  • George Davis

    I think it would be very hard for ZMT to not have sex ever again. It is likely that his wife’s desire for him will return. Hormones from breastfeeding can decrease sexual desire. In addition, the stress and fatigue of caring for a baby can decrease sexual desire. In addition to loving his wife, ZMT can be patient and help his wife get more sleep.

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