a small thing

So Queenie’s sparking a discussion that I’m in the process of writing a post for (it may take a while) but one thing I want to note, real quick, is that I’ve noticed a resurgence of little disclaimers about “I don’t know if it was my religious upbringing or what” when it comes to pondering reasons for not wanting or being hesitant/unsure/conflicted/uncertain about sex, and given the usual tone and context, it reminds me of a question I once posed:

Are we still “not broken” if we’re the ones who broke ourselves?

One response to “a small thing

  • epochryphal

    Oof. Very, very well-said. Cuts to the crux of a lot of things for me.

    Tbh these days I’m looking less and less at religious upbringing, and more at SJ affirmative-consent sex-positivity rhetoric, and my parents’ rearing style in general, and my brain stuff.

    But yeah. Not acute or “shock” trauma but cultural trauma. And being able to name it and not carry it as our own out-of-the-blue faults.

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