sex-negative opossum

Some people think sex is gross, and if you have a problem with that, then you're gross too

I’m having too much fun with this.

The title of this post is based on this definition of sex-negative, by the way.


8 responses to “sex-negative opossum

  • caelesti

    Sex-negative to me implies “sex is bad for everyone” not “Gee, that personally squicks me, can we do/talk about something else?” But then, I think the term sex-positive is rather misleading in its connotations too. It was coined in response to feminists who weren’t really anti-sex in general, just critical of some types of sexual behavior (porn, BDSM, prostitution etc.) Unless we want to count the Shakers as a feminist movement? Perhaps they were for their time.

    • Coyote

      Did you visit the link I gave?

      • caelesti

        Yes, I did, trying to wrap my mind around it. Things clicked a lot more after I went to this link: This is a big problem among Pagan/New Age communities, in my experience with the emphasis on “sacred sexuality” and “liberated woman= woman who will have sex with me” esp. at festivals. I think I liked the second link a lot better because it didn’t have this “heterosexuality is inherently oppressive, and men just in general suck” I think the people who think feminists by definition hate men will probably go on thinking regardless of what I tell them, but that lady doesn’t make it any easier.

        • Coyote

          Men who are more concerned with whether women are nice to them than whether women are oppressed are men whom it is acceptable to offend and alienate.

          Look, please don’t post indirect tone-policing about another post in the comment section of this one. If you have an issue with how she wrote that essay, she’s the one to take it up with. What’s up for discussion here, if anything, is whether or not my use of the term “sex-negative” was appropriate, and I believe that’s been settled.

  • Laura (ace-muslim)

    I tend to associate the word “gross” with the idea of repulsion or aversion rather than seeing it as a sex-negative comment (following Queenie’s definition[1] of sex-negativity as the belief that not all sex is inherently morally or ethically good). So I would think of this more as a sex-averse opossum than necessarily a sex-negative one.


    • Coyote

      …Did you also check the link?

      I do understand the difference between repulsion/aversion (personal sentiment) and sex-negativity (as an approach to sexual politics), so I’m sorry for the confusion. I applied the term sex-negative more for the lower line of text (asserting and defending the idea that sex is not always nice = coming from a sex-negative perspective) and didn’t think of the opossum itself as sex-averse (hence, it’s not written in first person).

      Didn’t realize this would stir up this much of a response, whups.

  • Laura (ace-muslim)

    Yes, I have read the link. I was commenting on the image not seeming to be consistent with the title as this might be confusing to people who aren’t familiar with the terminology (and I’ve seen a lot of confusion, especially on Tumblr, between sex aversion and sex-negativity) and who may not read the post fully but just associate the image with the title. The image is great, by the way! I hope you’ll make more images for sharing on your blog.

    • Coyote

      Mm, understandable.

      Thank you. I’ve actually made four more since posting this one and have had to force myself to stop and go back to writing some regular posts for a bit.

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