wishful thinking

Maybe 2015 will be the year that the redditors of TumblrInAction will notice that my posts get linked on other parts of Reddit for reference purposes as well, meaning that we have come full circle: a subreddit devoted to “Tumblr” links posts on WordPress which are also linked noncritically on other subreddits.  Is even Reddit “Tumblr” in a way?  Is there any part of the Internet that TumblrInAction wouldn’t deem to be “Tumblr”?


4 responses to “wishful thinking

  • notunprepared

    I’m addicted to tumblr a d I also like reddit, but I stick to the non-douchey parts (the nonbinary and ace subs, for instance), so when one of those Tumblr In Action posts happens to come across my reddit feed I always chuckle. Because the stuff they hate that’s on tumblr, is also on reddit. Not to mention you know, real life. I find it entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    Funnily enough, I’ve actually seen posts on /r/tumblrinaction link to other reddit posts…

  • Calum P Cameron

    I understand there is a belief among certain branches of society (with “branches” here mostly being a euphemism for “cishet white dudes”, but whatever) that Tumblr is less a site and more a state of mind. Therefore logically one could count, to them, as part of Tumblr even if one had never in fact heard of Tumblr, so long as one campaigned actively against damaging normative assumptions and suchlike.

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