#quoiro problems

Nothing quite like taking a survey and being asked how you identify in regards to romantic orientation, being pleasantly surprised at the inclusion of wtfromantic as an option, and then being asked to rate your frequency of romantic attraction.


4 responses to “#quoiro problems

  • luvtheheaven

    I had the exact same problem, as I already mentioned to Aqua over at cakeatthefortress. ;) As a wtfromantic, I was thrilled to see that option, and then very confused about how to answer the following questions. Lmao.

  • Siggy

    I think we originally had an extra option that said “I don’t distinguish romantic and non-romantic attraction”, but then that seemed too specific. And then “other” seemed too vague, and then it got crossed out. The question is optional, so you can skip it if it doesn’t make sense.

  • Aqua

    I had that same problem too, and I’m on the survey team! I had to leave those questions blank, because I didn’t know what to put.

  • Critiques of the 2014 AVEN Survey summary | Cake at the Fortress

    […] their romantic orientation included! However, it’s inclusion wasn’t perfect, because some respondents reported that they ran into the problem of not knowing how to answer the romantic a…, as Ace Theist pointed out. I was one of those respondents who ran into that same […]

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