Someone recognized my ace ring at work tonight!


It was toward the end of a consultation — I work at a writing center, helping people with their papers — and they slyly commented, “I like your black ring.”

That caught me off guard, and since I wasn’t sure how much to reveal, I thanked them and said that it’s very symbolic to me.

That perked their interest, and around that point is when I think I tried to back out of explaining anything, saying, “Uh, you should google it,” but then ended up confessing, “It means I’m not straight.”

And right away, they guessed, “Asexual?”


“Me too.”

THEM TOO.  THEM TOO, READERS.  I MET AN ASEXUAL PERSON AT WORK TODAY AND WAS SO EXCITED I GAVE THEM MY PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS AND probably overwhelmed them a little bit with my enthusiasm, but it’s not every day you meet another ace at work, you know.  I wish I’d had more time to talk after the consultation, but there was a line of people waiting (it was unusually busy tonight) and I had to take the next student right after.

But gosh, I’m so excited.  I may have inadvertently come out to my coworkers what with how loud I was being, but it was worth it.


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