One Year Anniversary Post

In celebration of this blog’s anniversary, have a break from the usual dreary stuff around here with some ace-related things that make me smile.

homonym joke with pictures (SFW, contrary to how it might seem)

not-sex jokes

an asexual song by an asexual person, “For Me” by Dearlie (scroll down for the song itself)
and a song about an asexual person by F£y

gifset turned into a joke about sex aversion

ace card suit joke w/ q-slur

text ace joke

text joke about touch aversion

making a photographic mockery of a stock image used on an article about asexuality

text joke about being asexual and having a libido

gifset joke about “A is for Ally” in the LGBT acronym

Queenie’s classic satire of journalists who don’t like fact-checking


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