a small consideration

Do people

who think heteroromantic gray-as are “just heterosexual”

not realize

that being gray-asexual and heteroromantic

doesn’t necessarily mean

being gray-heterosexual


And that the idea of “for some people, romantic orientation and sexual orientation are separate”

also implies

that someone’s patterns of romantic attraction

doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about their patterns of sexual attraction


5 responses to “a small consideration

  • Klaraa

    Yes, but also, didn’t someone write about how “they” (some unpleasant straight People, some unpleasant cis gay men) will inconsistently pick which orientation, sexual or romantic, counts as more important, like heteroromantic aces are really just straight, but aromantic heterosexuals are also really just like heteroromantic heterosexuals… So I think what you mentioned above is mostly but not entirely part of that same phenomenon, “sort of complicated but has some overlap with non-queer –> will be called straight for simplicity”.

    Come to think of it, I would love to read about the experiences of someone who experiences both sexual and romantic attraction but never towards the same group/gender/Person…

    • acetheist

      Definitely. I’ve seen that point made somewhere too (don’t know where, augh) and I’ve never seen it countered by anyone. This also goes for heteroromantic bisexuals and biromantic heterosexuals — are those both “just bi” or “just straight”, or is one straight and the other bi?

      Failing to recognize the significance of separating orientation types just has a lot of problems all around.

      • queenieofaces

        I am making that point in a post that’s going up in 10 minutes. Unless you’re a time-traveler, you might also have seen greenchestnuts making that point on tumblr.

  • Klaraa

    Not a time-traveller. I have since read your post on the asexual Agenda, and felt kind of happy and connected, that this was so very closely related to something that I not only thought, but actually commented on, before…

    As with greenchstnuts making that point, would that be a long time ago? Because I just looked at their blog and it seems vaguely familiar, like I might have read a few Posts on there, months ago but never again…

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