CEP: Additional Snippets

Here are the latest few replies, all of them pretty short.  One Catholic, verdict: indeterminate; two Reconciling Methodists, verdict: both positive; one Baptist, verdict: positive; and some non-denominational people want to schedule a meeting.

Here’s all the Catholic priest had to say:


First of all I need to know who you are

Do you really?

I almost wonder if this project would have gone over better if I had come up with an alias to give them.

I can say to you right now that there is no “[Church name] doctrine.”  We function in unity with the Church and its Magisterium on the issues you raised.

[name redacted]

Well that clarified nothing.  At least most of the others who referenced their denominations’ official doctrine made the effort to provide quotes and links.

Anyway, here’s one of the Methodists (and one of the rare lady pastors).

The United Methodist hasn’t taken any kind of stand regarding asexuality, nor on permanent celibacy or celibate marriages. We do not believe that all people are called to marry and raise children. For our clergy, our Book of Discipline calls for celibacy in singleness and faithfulness in marriage. This is a requirement for the clergy, and a model for lay people.

I hope these answers help.

Peace to you,
[name & info redacted]

Hm.  Well, not taking a stance is kind of non-committal (other Methodists pastors showed they were fine with declaring their own stances in defiance of official UMC statements) but being okay with celibacy and childlessness is a good start, and suggests single aces might be able to blend in without being harassed (at least on theological grounds).  I’m kind of iffy on how to interpret “faithfulness in marriage” (which could equally mean “no cheating” as “you owe sex to each other”) but this seems like a mostly positive, if lukewarm, response.

Next Methodist, also a lady:

Thank you for your interest. All are welcome at [name redacted] regardless of sexual orientation. I hope you have a blessed day.

[name redacted]

Works for me.

Finally, this last message is from the (male) pastor of a Baptist church with anti-gay messages right on the front page of their website.

Thanks. The Bible does encourage celibacy and singleness due to the persecution that was coming and because of the extra opportunities to serve.

Marriage is a blessing too, but singleness and celibacy is also a blessing.
I would have to study asexuality more. There is no teaching I know of in the

So not all lay people are called to be married and/or raise children.

Thanks!! Stay in touch. [name redacted]

Hm.  Well, alright.

The actual message does have that unfinished sentence there; that’s not a mistake on my part.

Generally, it seems like this follows the pattern of conservative pastors not commenting on asexuality itself so much as nonamory.  Only the LGBT-friendly pastors so far have used the words “sexual orientation” in their responses — something I point out because my original email did not outright refer to it as an orientation, though it did provide the keys to conclude as much.  I also think it’s interesting that so many of the responses (across the board) have avoided directly answering the question about nonsexual marriages.  In gaining acceptance from the Church, that may become a key issue.


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