CEP: Latest Updates

Let the record show that a Catholic church and a Presbyterian church have given two more indeterminate non-responses, and a different Presbyterian church got back to me with a brief actual response.  Verdict: positive.

Hi friend. Thanks for your e-mail and for your patience in waiting for my response. I’m not sure [name redacted] has a stance on asexuality other than to say that we believe God calls good every person that God creates. If someone is asexual then we welcome, love, and embrace every part of that person the same we want to love and welcome every other person who walks through our doors.


While I can’t speak for the whole church…It is safe for me to say that we do not believe all people are called to marry and raise children. That is just not simply the reality for many of the people who worship at [name redacted] each week. Our growing diversity is our greatest strength.

Also cool.

Let me know if you would like to meet in person to talk further. Regardless I hope you find [name redacted] to be a warm and welcoming place. Thanks for your wonderful questions.

Blessings on your journey.

[name & info redacted]

See?  It’s not hard, y’all.

I also got another response this morning, but I’m relegating that one to its own post.


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