CEP: Round 2

A continuance of the church email project.  I’ve received three replies so far (first, second, third) from the original eighteen churches contacted, and in order to get a better sample size, I’ve decided to conduct another round and see if I can suss out any patterns in ace-friendliness according to church denomination & LGBT-friendliness.

This time, I’ve sent out emails (with exactly the same format as last time) to a selection of 100 churches.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 16 Catholic churches
  • 12 Episcopal churches
  • 12 Baptist churches, including 2 overtly anti-gay
  • 4 Bible Churches
  • 11 Presbyterian churches, including 1 gay-friendly and 1 LGBT-friendly
  • 2 Churches of the Nazarene
  • 23 Lutheran churches, including 1 gay-friendly, 1 LGB-friendly, 1 LGBT-friendly, and 1 with a link to this page which condemns homosexuality
  • 13 Methodist churches, including 8 Reconciling (LGBT-friendly)
  • 3 UCC churches, all of which are ONA (LGBT-friendly)
  • and 4 churches not easily classified.

That’s a lot of churches.

On the one hand, I’m worried that I’ll get back more emails than I can process and this blog will be flooded with posts MSTing a truckload of very similar messages.  On the other hand, Round 1 suggests that I shouldn’t expect a high response rate.

Aaaaaand it appears I have some emails waiting in my inbox already.  Stay tuned.


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