Spiritually Dormant

Nothing quite like seeing someone claim that sacred sex is “vital to spiritual awakening” and “the essential nature of the unrestrained soul” and that sex is necessary to “augment to your spiritual path and that of your partner”.



11 responses to “Spiritually Dormant

  • thenarcissistwrites

    Boooo to that!

  • Jo

    Oh, this. I used to be a practising Pagan (before I knew about asexuality, but oh well) and there was a lot of this sort of stuff. Might even jump in and blog about this myself one day! It’s behind a lot of sex-pos stuff as well.

  • Calum P Cameron

    What nonsense. My strict celibacy doesn’t hinder my spiritual journey in the slightest. It’s the yawning void of evil in the place where my soul should be which does THAT.

  • Riley

    Hi, please don’t take this as an angry dismissal, but do I have some good news for you! This definitely only applies to the people who are called to have sex, and because there are many people who are called to be celibate and the Church acknowledges that even people who aren’t called to religious life may still be called to celibacy. I think anyone of religious sense would stand by the fact that sex is NOT the spiritual fulfillment meant for every human in a relationship.
    Again, I’m sorry if this comes off as an attack, but I’ve ONLY told members of my church that I’m asexual and they’ve been completely loving, supportive, and accepting. I really want you to know that not only are there more tolerant churches out there, but I think the Church as a whole, is doctrinally united in acknowledging a possible life of celibacy as a beautiful fulfillment of God’s will for those of us who are asexual, even if the Church might not recognize the term asexuality.

    • acetheist

      Well huh. Wasn’t expecting a response like this.

      Anyway — I think you’re coming from a Christian perspective here (correct me if I’m wrong) and the post I was responding to was actually relaying some kind of Pagan/New Age-y doctrine (I tried to poke around their site for specifics and didn’t find any that I could make sense of, but it was pretty clearly not related to any Christ-centered traditions).

      I’m glad you’ve had positive experiences in coming out to Church people, though, and thank you for the reassurance that acceptant churches exist.

  • doubleinvert

    Wow. That’s pretty damned contemptuous. Last time I looked, there were multiple paths to spirituality.

  • timberwraith

    Heh, yeah. Although I don’t particularly identify as Pagan, I have noticed this attitude from time to time. Teh sex! Teh Sex! I gots teh sex and I’m spiritually one with everything! Well, that’ nice for you but there are other non-traditional spiritual paths which do not require getting your mojo on with others. I mean, didn’t the sexual revolution start 40 or 50 years ago? Did your Volkswagen bus break down at Woodstock and you decided not to leave? Groovy, man.

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