Daily Dose of Ignorance

If you’re going to be the hundredth person to erect a fence and state that asexuals are only conditionally welcome in the LGBT community, with aro aces getting the boot because they’re not oppressed enough — and because you haven’t taken two seconds to research or even think about the stigma against aromantic asexuality* — but then have to backpeddle and clarify that by “aro aces” you meant “cis aro aces” and that you’re excluding aro aces in same-sex partnerships from counting as aro aces (but only while they’re in a “queer relationship”, apparently), what you need to do is shut up and stop meddling in subjects you have failed to understand, protecting no one and succeeding only in contributing to anxiety.

*Because you know, you know, when people spout that trite little “love is love!” mantra, you know exactly what kind of love they’re talking about.


11 responses to “Daily Dose of Ignorance

  • locoluna77

    Speaking as a (cis) aro ace, thanks for the nod. I’m not involved in any kind of group near me so I don’t have much personal experience with that kind of nit-picking, but I’ve seen asexual pride (zeal) posts that completely block out aros. Though it is odd to me having gotten the opposite assumption from one of my cis straight friends who asked me if aro aces made up the majority of the ace community. I found that amusing.

  • Calum P Cameron

    I have a very pleasant local university society for QUILTBAG-type persons and staunch allies thereof (It was described to me as “basically just an anti-bigot society”), several members of which are ace (although I don’t THINK any of them are aro aces like me, and only one that I know of is a cis ace).

    The trouble is, every time I think about attending, I can’t shake the feeling that I shouldn’t really be there, because OFFICIALLY it’s just down on the paperwork as an LGBT society. It does take the space to explicitly note that straight friends are welcome, but since I exist in pretty-much the one and only demographic where neither “LGBT” nor “straight” could possibly be stretched to cover me by any definition… yeah. Words, man. Freaking words.

    • acetheist

      If you were looking for an excuse, it being an “anti-bigot society” might be enough. But yeah, I get how that could put you in an awkward situation, especially if you want to be there not just as an ally but also to talk about your own issues. Maybe ask one of the other aces about it? I’m sure no one would kick you out, but an explicit invitation might help.

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