Things I Find in the Tags

The asexual and asexuality tags here on WordPress get a lot less use than they do on Tumblr, which is perhaps a good thing, but nonetheless I’ve found quite a few ostensibly non-ace people leaving posts there, just in the few months that I’ve been checking them.  Here are some of the things I’ve seen come up more than once.

  • asexuality awareness posts (skimming the surface along the lines of “hey, this exists”)
    and general sexual orientation posts, usually with errors
  • posts about cloning and asexual reproduction
  • random short stories…?
  • posts that complain about the use of sexuality labels
  • posts about the blogger having gone through an “asexual phase”,
    often ending on a celebratory note that the blogger is now “over it”
  • the cringeworthy “I think my husband/partner/boyfriend might be asexual” posts written by people encountering relationship difficulties (and usually about a man, for some reason — your guess is as good as mine)

None of these are what I’m really looking for when I browse the tags, aside from maybe the first, but the last of them raises the most concerns.  I almost have a mind to write a “What to Do If You Think Your Partner Might Be Asexual” post, just to throw at them the next time one of those inevitably comes around again.


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