not even going to click that link

I was about to make another post when I checked my stats and noticed that some people have been finding this blog through Reddit, of all places.

Should I be worried?


5 responses to “not even going to click that link

  • Linn

    Oi. :/ If people are finding your blog through Reddit, they usually don’t have good intentions to begin with. I mean, it’s awesome that your blog is getting more exposure and us allos are becoming more aware of asexuals…
    But if it’s being found through there…yeah. I’m sorry, but it’s not really a site you want your blog to be exposed to. From what I’ve seen on there, the content is usually insipid, demeaning, VERY pointless, or crude. So…yeah.
    Sorry to hear about that. :/

  • Linn

    Oh shoot! I take that back! There’s actually a subthread for asexuality on Reddit. It seems legit. I honestly don’t know now…but maybe you’re getting your stats from Reddit from there.

    • acetheist

      Doesn’t seem to be the case. But yeah, I’ve been to the asexuality subreddit. That was my first introduction to Reddit, actually. I’d heard some vaguely negative things about it, and was like “well this isn’t so bad.” Then I dared to venture into a few other subreddits, and… let’s just say I decided to never go back.

  • Jo

    I’ve had posts linked to on reddit before, and it’s all been very harmless and in good intentions. It depends on what threads the hits are coming from, I guess. Either way, there’s nothing that you can actually do about it. As long as you aren’t getting hordes of trolling comments here, don’t stress! :)

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