Milestones: not a real post

Here’s just a quick summary of some things that have happened (and which I’m still reeling from) since I started this blog a couple months ago.

  • I have followers!  Hi!
  • Several of my posts have been featured in the linkspams on The Asexual Agenda, which is cool.
  • The post on Differentiating Types of Attraction was linked on the Asexual Awareness Week facebook page (!) which resulted in a ton of traffic.
pageview spike from under 100 daily to over 600 in one day

This is what happened to my view stats that day.

  • Swankivy commented on one of my posts.  If you’re an ace reading this and you don’t know who swankivy is, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.
  • Also, Queenie linked to one of my posts in one of her posts, which is exciting and kind of terrifying because her blog is one of the ones I unofficially followed while coming to a better understanding of asexuality and now I have reason to believe she and swankivy have read at least one of my posts and it feels like someone just broke the fourth wall of my life.

Other things that have happened:

  • Apparently there are people who still use Bing.

Some of the search terms that people have found this blog through:

  • “transromantic is not skolioromantic”


  • “analogies regarding tempting food”

This person was probably disappointed, and I offer them my condolences.  My post about food and sex would not have provided any help with this.

  • “steven moffat straight white men”

Ah yes, Steven Moffat and his favorite character type.

I’m glad WordPress provides this information to the blog owners.  It’s a shame that Google encrypts most of them, but at least we get to see a few.


you may have noticed that I’ve added an askbox, an idea lifted from Fae and her blog, I’m Ace, ask me how!  Prior to seeing hers, I didn’t even know WordPress had a template for contact forms.  We’ll see what happens with that.


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