Webcomic Recommendation

In some circles, asexuality is strongly associated with the TV shows Sherlock and Doctor Who.  This is mostly a byproduct of the fact that those programs have large fanbases, and it only figures that lots of aces would be fans of each. [1]  So those two tend to dominate conversations about asexual representation — which makes sense — I’m an unabashed Nine fan myself — but you know what we should talk more about?  Lackadaisy, a 1920s gangster webcomic about anthropomorphic cats. 

You should check it out because it’s got

  • gorgeous art
  • well-researched historical details
  • speakeasies
  • fedoras
  • cats

That’s everything the internet likes, right?

The cast is full of characters with interesting designs and distinct personalities, my favorites being Viktor, Mordecai, and Zib, so there is more than enough of fodder for character analysis, and the art is detailed enough to sustain plenty of discussion.

Fair warning, it does feature gore and depictions of violence, but notably, the plot and storyline (or at least, what gets shown of it on the page) is surprisingly nonsexual.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in anything not aimed at kids, that’s kind of a rarity.

Mordecai, one character who has been confirmed as asexual by the artist, isn’t really a… “positive” ace character, in the sense that the decision to make him asexual probably had a lot to do with asexual stereotypes, and there’s also the fact that he’s a coldblooded murderer, but as a fictional character he’s pretty fun.

The downside is that, for a comic about the Jazz Age, it’s very white-centric.  Also, updates to the main storyline are very infrequent and sporadic.

Anyway, it’s worth taking a look at, if only for the cats in suits.


2 responses to “Webcomic Recommendation

  • Calum P Cameron

    …the concept that something can be “white-centric” without actually being about members of the human race just blew my mind.

    • acetheist

      I was going to add “which can be ignored to some degree because the characters are cats”, but that sounded too flippant. Anyway, sorry for not explaining more — the artist has drawn human versions of many of the characters, though they’re not shown that way in the main storyline, but even in their names and backstories, their ethnicities are made pretty clear.

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