The Idea of an Ace Bar

I want one.  It would be awesome.

Like anything that gets said within the asexual community, there’s been negative backlash against even this too, to the effect of “What would asexuals need a bar for?  You don’t even want to have sex!” which is hilarious because (in addition to misunderstanding both the definition of asexuality and the definition of a bar) this sentiment itself demonstrates how bars are widely-regarded as a meeting place for people looking to hook up and have sex — so if an ace would like to avoid this presumption, or even just seek relationships within the confines of the asexual community, having a bar for aces would be a convenient reprieve and potential safe space.

Due to the fact that the asexual population is (as far as we know) tiny, this idea sounds pretty unsustainable as a business model, but it might work as long as the place also marketed itself toward celibate people, partners of aces, nonlibidoists & aromantics of any sexual orientation, and questioning people as well — and of course you could get into all sorts of cross-conflicts there, but limiting it to only asexual-spectrum folks wouldn’t be practical.  And since you can’t check someone’s ace credentials at the door, might as well open those doors to anyone who’s interested.  Plenty of non-aces might be interested in a desexualized social hub, and I can see there being demand for it beyond the scope the asexual community itself.  But this is all hypothetical anyway.

Since you can expect the anti-ace brigade to show up at some point (in addition to those who are less militant but equally clueless) the first order of business would be to set up an education corner to push people towards as soon as they express ignorance.  There they would have the opportunity to peruse a bookshelf full of resources to explain and answer every imaginable question about asexuality so that they will quit bothering the others around them who are just trying to enjoy their drinks.

Or, because plenty of aces don’t drink alcohol, the joint could cast a wider net by setting itself up as a bakery, with an assortment of pastries and baked goods, and maybe even a tea shop too.  The furnishings would be of a plush puffy-chair sort, suited to cuddling, for those who like that.  The decor would sport asexual flag colors all over everything, and there would be a small booth for a black ring vendor, and there would be a spade motif in spades.  Asexuality everywhere in your face.  Would that be too flamboyant?

Well, that’s part of the appeal.

Sometimes I get tired of being invisible.


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