Why I Made This Blog

First of all, because I need a space to vent about asexual stuff. 

Second of all, because my online participation in ace spaces is inhibited by the fact that I don’t use Tumblr or the AVEN forums and do not plan to.  Tumblr is a nice enough place if you can tolerate the formatting.  Can’t say the same for AVEN.  If there are other popular gathering sites for people on the asexual spectrum besides other blogs and ace dating sites, I do not know of them.

Third of all, the asexual community has been a relief to discover, but there have been some hangups.  In defining asexuality or explaining it to people who don’t get it, many people are careful to clarify what asexual does not mean.  A common part of this process is the insistence that asexuality is not celibacy, asexuality is not abstinence, asexuality is not a byproduct of being religious — not all aces are religious, and in fact, many are atheists or agnostic and not religious at all.  That’s all true.  It’s important and it needs to be said.

But some of us are religious.  And that doesn’t make us any less asexual.

Between the understandable efforts of the asexual community to distance itself from religion and the heteronormative paradigms of many religious institutions, being a religious asexual can be a little alienating. 

So this blog is going to be about the perspective of a theist who does not experience sexual attraction, and for whom neither of these traits are dependent upon one another, and who might, on occasion, write about these subjects in tandem.  Mostly, though, it’ll be an asexuality blog.  Stay tuned.


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